Pricing + Services


JavaScript for CRM services starting at $175/hour.


Legacy Script migration

$285/hour  — Continue using old scripts by allowing us to update them to work with Dynamics 365. Our team has worked with JavaScript for years and will get your old scripts working again.

CRM Form Scripts

Fixed Price Options available — Validate form data against external sources. Provide real-time updates based on other data. Even perform type-ahead search against your own data sources. Many other options available.

Data Mapping Projects

$285/hour — When you need to connect the data from CRM to another application or vice versa, we'll build a custom application to integrate both systems. 

XRM Tools and Plugins

Variable hourly rate — With deep access to CRM internals, we can use Xrm to build a custom application optionally using frameworks like Angular with Typescript or React to build full featured applications. 

JS-enhanced Workflows

Variable hourly rate — We can help your custom workflows do more by connecting them with your other business processes. When you need actions to happen according to events in your CRM, this service allows you to build a smarter business.

Project planning 

$175/hour — Talk to us to understand what is and isn't possible with your systems and we'll help you plan upcoming milestones for your Dynamics CRM integration.