Dynamics 365 is the Operating System of your Business. Take control.

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Use JavaScript to enhance your CRM. From small changes to full scale React, Angular, or Vue applications, let us help you harness the power of JavaScript to extend Dynamics in new ways.


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For projects large or small we can modify CRM to meet your exact business needs. Make CRM work for you, beyond any limitations imposed by Microsoft.

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What can JavaScript do for me?

JavaScript is the language of the web browser. When using CRM, our custom scripts can enhance your user's experience in ways that increase adoption and help you gather better data.

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How to get started with Javascript and CRM

Take a look at our how-to guide for taking your first steps with Javascript and CRM 

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Our Signature Item

Our strongest offer is in full-featured React, Angular, or Vue powered solutions that work with your other software systems. When your systems need to work together, they need Reenhanced.